Moments That Defined 2023 for Upside Learning

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Image capturing Upside Learning Solution’s 2023 milestones: diverse team celebrations, awards, global events, and workplace triumphs, reflecting a year of success and growth.

2023 is winding down, and at Upside Learning, we’re feeling nostalgic about the incredible moments, we feel it’s customary to glance back and celebrate the milestones and triumphs that defined our journey through the year. From unforgettable wins to cherished milestones, it’s been a whirlwind of growth and excitement. Let’s dive back into these standout moments that shaped our journey through another remarkable year!

Campaigns that the L&D Community Loved and Appreciated

Deeper Learning Campaign

The year kicked off with our enriching campaign on Deeper Learning. It was complemented by a compelling eBook titled Designing for Deeper Learning: Understand what it takes to Design and Develop Deeper Learning. The campaign explored the nuances of developing impactful deeper learning experiences.

In addition to this, our webinar on Designing for Deeper Learning: Achieving Retention, Transfer, and Impact with Workplace Learning, offered insightful advice on how to avoid producing flimsy results, address complex issues in learning design, and match learning experiences with scientific principles.

These resources work hand in hand to equip individuals with the knowledge and tools for crafting impactful learning journeys.

Effective Compliance Training

In our journey this year, another highlight was our campaign on effective compliance training. Clark delivered a webinar on Delivering Compliance Training that Works. This session tackled common compliance training issues like budget constraints and employee resistance. Clark’s approach wasn’t just theoretical; it offered actionable strategies, making compliance training genuinely beneficial rather than a mere necessity. His practical insights were refreshing and impactful.

The Real Microlearning

Upside Learning then delved into microlearning through an engaging campaign that included an eBook and webinar.

The eBook – Microlearning: It’s Not What You Think It Is provided an in-depth exploration of the strategic implications, design approaches, and implementation techniques that can effectively enhance workplace performance through microlearning. This resource addressed common misconceptions and provided information on real-world applications.

It was followed by a webinar titled Microlearning is None of These Things: Beyond the Hype. The webinar explored microlearning’s true meaning and its application in organizational training plans. A unique microlearning meme campaign was used to promote the concept, featuring an eBook, memes, a webinar, and a position paper by our subject matter expert.

The L&D Myth-ology Campaign

Amidst this year’s milestones, we also want to shine the spotlight on another captivating campaign that we recently kicked off – L&D Myth-ology. This series, dedicated to dispelling misconceptions surrounding learning and development, serves as a valuable resource. Each episode dives into specific L&D myths, providing factual insights engagingly, and separating reality from fiction. It’s an educational yet entertaining journey that promises to debunk myths while offering valuable learning experiences.

Scenario-Based Learning

We also delved into Scenario-Based Learning through another major campaign. Our eBook, Scenario-Based Learning: The Ultimate Asset in Your L&D Toolkit dived deep into creating impactful scenarios. It shared practical methods for crafting, implementing, and evaluating scenarios, empowering L&D pros with effective learning designs. This was complemented by a webinar on Harnessing the Power of Scenario-Based Learning for Better Impact.

Position Papers – Exploring Upside’s Learning Perspectives on Topics that Matter Most to L&D

We advanced significantly this year by exploring essential learning methodologies through our position papers. These papers, authored by Clark Quinn, serve as guiding lights in the evolving L&D landscape, reshaping our approach from compliance training to immersive and experiential learning.

Here’s a list of the position papers published this year:

  1. Compliance Training

  2. Immersive Learning

  3. Microlearning

  4. Evaluation

  5. Workflow Learning

  6. Experiential Learning

  7. Artificial Intelligence in Designing Learning

The Learning Impact Conversation

We recently presented a Training Industry Leader Talk on How to Improve Learning Impact: Measure What Matters.

This captivating session provided a deep dive into Understanding why impact can be hard to discern.

  • Exploring the different levels of impact measurement.

  • Crafting design to achieve impact (not just smiles).

  • Exploring case studies concerning different levels of learning impact.

Awards and Wins

‘Solid Performer’ Status in 2023 Fosway 9-Grid™

Our first big win in 2023 was our Solid Performer status in Fosway 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning. This win testifies to our commitment to cost-effective excellence. The 2023 Fosway 9-Grid™ report, available for download here reflects our steady progression in the digital learning space.

Triumph at the 2023 Learning Excellence Awards

In April 2023, we won two prestigious awards at the 2023 Learning Excellence Awards. Our work with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) earned us the Winner’s title, while our project for Qatar Airways secured an Award of Merit. These accolades highlight our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions across diverse industries, showcasing that our pursuit of excellence continually redefines industry standards.

Award-Winning Streak at Brandon Hall Group Awards

We also excelled at the 2023 Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards, Upside Learning took home 18 medals, including 3 Gold, 7 Silver, and 8 Bronze. The company’s remarkable teamwork and collaboration with clients, who have backed the company’s efforts to achieve quality, are credited with its success.

Fifth Consecutive Great Place to Work Certification

As we entered September 2023, we marked our fifth consecutive year achieving the esteemed Great Place To Work® Certification, reflecting our unwavering commitment to a culture built on trust and excellence. This certification emphasizes our dedication to fostering an inclusive trustworthy, high-performing environment. It reaffirms our team’s commitment to growth, inclusivity, and excellence, ensuring an exceptional workplace experience for all.

13 LearnX Awards for Impactful Learning Solutions

The LearnX Awards 2023 propelled us beyond being a great workplace, securing 13 prestigious awards, including Platinum and Diamond honors, for our innovative learning solutions. This recognition fuels our drive to deliver cutting-edge solutions, continuously redefining learning excellence.

Making it to the Training Industry’s Experiential Learning Technologies Watchlist

In September 2023, Upside Learning earned a coveted spot on the Training Industry’s 2023 Experiential Learning Technologies Watchlist, affirming our dedication to transformative learning experiences. This distinction cements our role in advancing organizational learning through innovative experiential technologies.

Marching Forward at the Learning Excellence Awards 2024

As we approach the year’s end, we’re thrilled to share yet another incredible piece of news: all 12 of our entries for the Learning Excellence Awards 2024 have advanced to the finalist stage! This remarkable achievement showcases the team’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional learning experiences. With anticipation building, we eagerly await the final results scheduled for April 2024.

Participation in Global Events

Upside Learning at Learning Technologies London 2023

Amid global highlights in April, we presented our impactful eLearning solutions at Learning Technologies London 2023, spotlighting evidence-based programs for engaging, retention-focused learning. Interacting with attendees from 50 diverse countries strengthened our stance as a Solid Performer on the 2023 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning. At the event, our Founder and CEO, Amit Garg, AVP of Marketing, Isha Sood, and Head of Business for Europe & Middle East, Sushant Gore, showcased powerful eLearning solutions, strengthening our global network, and reinforcing our commitment to impactful workplace learning.

Upside Learning at DevLearn Conference & Expo 2023

Another standout event was the prestigious DevLearn Conference & Expo 2023. Our experts – Amit Garg, Founder and CEO, Clark Quinn, Chief Learning Strategist, John Gravanis, VP Sales – Americas and Vidya Rajagopal, Senior Manager Instructional Design – passionately shared insights, charting the course for impactful learning. Participating in DevLearn, the pinnacle of global eLearning gatherings, was an honor. It offered an incredible chance to connect, share insights, and explore the future of learning and development with industry professionals and innovators.

Return of the L&D Go Beyond Podcast

A massive standout highlight of this year is the return of the L&D Go Beyond Podcast for its much-anticipated second season! Join us as we delve into the plunge into the realm of learning impact this time around. With two insightful episodes already live, we’re beyond excited to bring you more real, actionable workplace learning insights from some of the brightest minds in the L&D space.

Other Significant Milestones

Upside Learning Turned 19

This year in April, we marked our 19th anniversary. With a grand celebration planned with our wonderful employees and their families, we had an evening to remember. Dressed in floral finery, our 19th-year celebration welcomed everyone, spanning generations, and brimming with joy. It was a vibrant and heartwarming gathering. The festivities included an awards presentation honoring exceptional team members, presented personally by our CEO, Amit Garg. This event encapsulated Upside Learning’s nearly two-decade journey, reaffirming its dedication to fostering a dynamic team and setting the stage for future growth.

Celebrating Over 15,000 LinkedIn Followers

Amidst our year’s highs, we reached an incredible milestone—15,000 followers on LinkedIn! It’s not just a number; it’s a testament to the amazing bond we share with our tribe. We owe this success to our fantastic LinkedIn family and our fabulous marketing team, the wizards behind our brand’s magic. Their creativity and dedication have made this journey exhilarating. Here’s a sneak peek into their lives at Upside.

Welcoming John Gravanis as VP of Sales – Americas

In April 2023, we celebrated the arrival of John Gravanis, our new VP of Sales – Americas. With 25+ years in business development and workforce transformation, John’s addition isn’t just professional; it’s an invitation to deepen connections and enhance our learning journey. His experience aligns with our commitment to transforming corporate learning, fortifying relationships, and elevating every interaction. John’s presence reflects our dedication to unparalleled digital learning solutions, marking a shared pursuit of excellence.

Workspace Chronicles

A year of workplace celebrations and triumphs concludes, filled with festivals and achievements that painted smiles, laughter, and cherished memories. Our team sparkled in ethnic and themed attire, brightening every gathering.

Reflecting on this remarkable year, heartfelt thanks to our incredible clients whose trust propelled our success. Applause to our dedicated team for their hard work.

As we bid farewell to this incredible year, we eagerly anticipate 2024! Here’s to embracing the new year with enthusiasm and the spirit to #GoBeyond once again!

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