10 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 23

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As technology continues to infiltrate every corner of the K-12 educational space, mobile learning is slowly but clearly emerging as the ‘future’ of learning. Know how you can leverage this to teach effectively.

Continuing the mLearning thread, it would also be of benefit for you to know the possible reasons why your well thought mLearning strategy could fail. Furthermore, you can learn some tips, techniques and best practices for developing mobile web apps. On the eLearning front, learn how you can overcome the cultural barriers to the adoption of eLearning, how DSLRs can help you in making engaging eLearning videos and how you too can attain the balance between formal and informal learning. Find all this and more in our Weekly Digest – a collection of top 10 links from the week gone by, each accompanied by a quick brief.

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  1. How To Teach Using Mobile Phones Mobiles are commonplace in secondary schools, but can they be used for teaching? Find out on the Guardian Teacher Network this week.
  2. The Top 10 Reasons Your Mobile Learning Strategy Will Fail Find top 10 repeat offenders that could deliver a devastating blow to your mLearning strategy.
  3. The Desktop Is Turning Mobile The rapid rise of mobile operating systems is changing the traditional desktop and laptop OS. As the operating systems that power these mobile devices become the new norm, we can expect certain aspects of desktop and laptop operating systems to imitate the little upstarts that had initially imitated them. Read on to know how.,/li>
  4. Building Mobile Web Apps the Right Way: Tips and Techniques Mobile web apps provide advantages over native mobile apps. This article shares tips, techniques, and best practices for developing mobile web apps.
  5. HOW TO: Build a Mobile App for Better Customer Support Most digital natives would rather fire up an app than get on the phone with customer care. Here’s why you should be investing your support dollars into mobile solutions.
  6. eLearning’s Benefits Are Obvious: Why Don’t They Like It? Despite the obvious benefits of eLearning, its acceptance is not universally guaranteed. This article examines how we might overcome the cultural barriers to the adoption of eLearning.
  7. Learning Formally or Informally…? Why not Both! Frederic Domon reconsiders the great paradox of training: higher budgets being allocated to classical training and major chunk of learning taking place through social learning. And further suggests that a holistic approach integrating both formal and informal learning should be thought of as the cornerstone of organizational development. Know more.
  8. Is This the Future of Books? What is a Book? Is this the future of Books? Is the convenience of the eBook enough? What is a Book worth? Find answers to all these questions.
  9. 10 Gaming Genres To Adapt In Class Here is a brief description of ten gaming genres and some tips on how they can be used in the classroom. All these games were chosen because they are popular with young language learners, engaging and fun.
  10. How to Make eLearning Video with Digital SLR Cameras (and Why) There are many reasons to use DSLRs to make video for eLearning, not the least of which are the stylish quality of the video they can shoot, the range of lenses, and, of course, the additional control of composition you can gain. Know what DSLRs can do, their benefits and more.

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