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In continuation to our weekly roundup of the best links shared on Twitter and Facebook, here is a collection of our top 15 links from the last week, each accompanied by a quick brief.

1. 7 Predictions for the Gaming Industry in 2010
The video gaming industry made great strides this year. Here are 7 predictions for what to watch in 2011.

2. The Ultimate iPhone Guide: 60+ Essential Resources
The iPhone had a great year in 2010. Here’s a roundup of all the iPhone coverage this year.

3. Most Popular Android Posts of 2010
More apps, more users, and more upgrades for all kinds of phones—2010 was a good year for Android. Here’s the most popular of the Android-centered stuff.

4. Virtual classrooms: Online education is changing school hours, buildings, interactions
Online education has gathered steam in the past decade. But in the next 10 years, experts predict, it will have a profound influence on every aspect of education. This article talks how online education would influence the size and shape of buildings, the hours they operate and the types of interaction students have with teachers and classmates — whether across the room or across the state.

5. Technology in the Classroom should include these 7 Learning Tools
Lists and explains 7 technology tools that should be standard technology in the classroom.
Read it here

6. 2010: The Year Technology Replaced Talking
From texting at dinner to posting on Facebook from work, the connectivity revolution is creating divided attention, not to mention social angst. This article highlights how despite all the technology that makes communicating easier than ever, 2010 was the year we stopped talking to one another.

7. E-Books Outsell Paper Books On Barnes & Noble’s Online Store
Electronic book readers are a nascent but growing electronic category, and companies have so far been reticent to say exactly how many are selling. This article talks about Bookseller Barnes & Noble Inc., which recently declared that its line of Nook e-reading devices are the biggest-selling items in its history, and added it sold nearly 1 million e-books on Christmas Day.

8. Ten Myths about Video in e-Learning
In our world of e-Learning, video has become an important element in the mix of all the modalities we use as practitioners of the art of online instruction. But much of the advice and common wisdom about this medium simply gets it wrong. This article debunks the 10 myths about video in eLearning.

9. Lets Understand the Mobile Phone Market, installed base and smartphones vs dumbphones
Mobile author Tomi Ahonen gives stats-filled analysis of the handset market.

10. 18 Cool Things People Do On Twitter
There are many other things that people use Twitter for. It can stretch from getting real time news to catching bicycle thieves. We always thought it was the users who have made Twitter what it is today. This article lists 18 cool things that people do on Twitter.

11. The Top 8 Future-Tech Stories of 2010
What will the future bring? We got a taste of what’s to come in 2010. Take a look back at some of the hottest new tech of the past year.

12. No Web Access at Home for 2M Poor Pupils, Warns Charity
E-learning Foundation fears gap between rich and poor at school will widen unless more get home internet access.

13. The App List: What’s Going on my iPads
Lists all applications in Education and Mobile Learning that you need to install to start off with your iPad project.

14. 65% of Internet Users Paid for Digital Content
This article states facts from a recent Pew Internet survey which indicates that approximately two-thirds of Internet users — 65% — have paid to access or download digital content.

15. Don’t Declare Victory For Android Just Yet
If 2011 is the year of Android, how come so many Android manufacturers are hedging their bets? This article raises some important points against Android and says that smartphone battle is far from over. Rather, it’s just the beginning.

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