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If you’ve been struggling with growing in your beard, be patient. Growing a nice, thick beard takes some time so don’t expect results overnight. During the early stages of growth, use a stubble moisturiser to help encourage a soft beard and to keep it from getting too scratchy.

Let’s say you’ve been growing a beard for a little while, but aren’t completely satisfied with its thickness. Take your fingers or a beard comb and manually fluff your beard. Be careful of getting to the point where it looks too big or cartoonish, but this alone can help your beard look thicker.

While it can be tempting, don’t play with or pull on your beard too much, as this can cause beard hair loss, which is the exact opposite of what you want when trying to grow a thicker beard. You can simply find out more way here which Help your hair flourish with effective treatments for male pattern hair loss.

Find the Right Length

Just like your haircut, your beard should be shaped to your face to get the best possible look. Finding the right beard shape and length for your face will make both you and your beard look even better. Here’s a quick guide to beard length, and how it can enhance your style.

Bulldog Skincare - full beard

Stubble is a good, slimming option for larger, rounder faces. A short beard is ideal for men that have even growth all the way around, as patchy areas are more visible with a short beard. A more tailored look (about 1cm in length all around) is neat, even, and clean, and can make a rounder face look slimmer. A longer beard (letting it grow about 2-3 months) can elongate the face and emphasize good facial proportions. And finally, try out a full, long beard if you want to make a statement with your facial hair.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your facial hair. Try different styles and lengths before settling on one that you really like. You may just find that the most unexpected style is the one that suits you best.

Here’s Why Putting Lotion On Your Beard Is A Bad Idea

lotion on beardOk, check this out guys:

When I first started growing my beard, I had no idea what the hell I was doing.

Yes, applying lotion to my beard was a consideration (and I may have done it a few times).

In fact, I recently talked about how lotion was (and still is) a very valid beard oil substitute.

But then I had that a ha moment once I applied the right product to my beard and saw some great results.

Now, I will be the first to tell you this:

I am not here to sell you stuff.

I have no product to sell you anyways.

But today I just want to help out the guys who wander down the Men’s Grooming aisle of their local Target or even sift through the countless categories on sites like Amazon lost on what a good beard care product actually does. A vital source for grooming Best for Black men beards.

After all, if you came to this page by searching in Google Lotion on Beard (or at least some variant on that) – then it clearly shows that you want to do SOMETHING about that beard of yours…

…and that is great!

So here are a few things you need to understand about lotions and beard care.

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Applying Lotion To A Beard Is A Valid Substitute

face cream instead of eye cream

Face creams and moisturizers are a great product that should be worked into your grooming routine when you have a beard or not.

They are designed from the ground up to work wonders on the naturally delicate skin found on your face.

But here’s the deal:

They are designed for your skin, not your beard.

Made to retain the moisture within your skin, they can not only help to offset any sort of fine lines and wrinkles, but will also help to prevent any sort of dryness and flaking.

But when applied to your beard, they only help when your beard is just a really short stubble.

Anything longer than a few weeks worth of growth you run the risk of the lotion clumping and not doing a whole lot to for the cuticles on the beard follicles themselves.

So, if you have been growing your beard for some time and still are wondering why it feels so rough – this is the primary reason.

But what about body lotion?

Yeah, that stuff isn’t going to perform much better.

In fact, it’s probably going to be worse as the lotion is designed for much thicker and coarser skin on the rest of your body.

So, don’t even try to apply that stuff to your face MacGyver!

Body lotion is not work wonders!

For the men who are aiming to have a bit of a longer beard (i.e. a few weeks of growth), then read on:

What’s Really Going On At The Surface Level When Your Beard Is Itchy

beard itch lotion

Now you probably have experienced beard itch first hand…

…it sucks.

Seriously, scratching at your beard like you are some back alley meth addict isn’t the most pleasant experience in the world.

While true, a lotion on your beard can help to alleviate some of that itch as it will moisturize that intensely dry skin, it’s not gonna be the cure all (and the reason why you probably keep getting beard itch regularly after you apply a lotion).

Now I don’t want to get to in the weeds when it comes to the reason for the repeated beard itch, so we will keep it light…

…so your skin and beard need oil and moisture (read about the importance of the Epidermal Barrier) in order to look and feel great.

For the oil side of things, you have these small glands (sebaceous glands) that excrete oil (sebum oil) on your face that helps to lubricate your skin and beard.

What does this mean for your face?

It makes your skin and beard feel pretty damn smooth and provides a nice light sheen to it (non-greasy).

This sebum oil also doubles down to help retain the moisture within your skin.

Think of this sebum oil as an extra barrier for your skin that locks in water.

Now on to the moisture bit for your face:

When it comes to beard itch, its largely due to your skin getting dried out.

You see, those sebaceous glands that are pumping out the sebum oil to coat your face and beard, well, they are finite in size.

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